College Building

The Institute has possessed a good number of rooms on lease of 30 years from a three storied building already completed by the parent body of the Sundarban Community Development Society. The building has been constructed on plan duly approved by competent authority.

The floor area of the building is 12442 sq.ft. There is sufficient drinking water facilities from P.H.E Water Supply and Tubewell. the institution is facilited with electricity supply from W.B.S.E.B and two own generators for the failure of the supply . There are sufficient latrines and urinals for Teachers, Trainees and Staffs both male & female. The institute has following rooms.

  • Class rooms are of 1093.38 sq.ft. and 793.38 sq.ft.
  • The college has got a Multi-Purpose Hall and a nicely decorated Principal's Office.
  • We have got a Faculty Members Room of 614.55 sq.ft. and an Administrative Staff Room of 452.98 sq.ft.
  • The college is having a Resource room of 421.28 sq.ft. and a Store room of 689.28 sq.ft.
  • The college is enriched with a Library, a Computer Lab, a Chemistry Lab & a Physical Science Lab. We are proud to have Thin-Client system in computer laboratory with audio-visual and broadband internet connection facilities.